Institutional dysfunction

En av anledningarna till att jag älskar the Wire:

Simon has identified the organizations featured in the show — the Baltimore Police Department, City Hall, the Baltimore Public School System, the Barksdale drug trafficking operation, The Baltimore Sun, and the stevedores’ union — as comparable institutions. All are dysfunctional in some way, and the characters are typically betrayed by the institutions that they accept in their lives.[1] There is also a sentiment echoed by a detective in ”Narcotics”—”Shit rolls downhill”—which describes how superiors, especially in the higher tiers of the police department in the series, will attempt to use subordinates as scapegoats for any major scandals. Simon described the show as ”cynical about [its] institutions”[47] while taking a humanistic approach toward its characters.[47] A central theme developed throughout the show is the struggle between individual desires and subordination to the group’s goals. Whether it is Officer Jimmy McNulty using all his cards to pursue a high-profile case despite resistance from his own department, or gang member D’Angelo Barksdale accepting 20 years in prison contrary to his strong desire to turn in his uncle Avon and take a plea, this type of conflict is pervasive in all aspects of the show.


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